[WATCH] HTC 10 Promotional Video Leaked; 2 New Phones Confirmed?

HTC 10

HTC has been hard at work in building up the hype for its upcoming flagship. With waves of promotions in Twitter and several official Facebook announcements that give a glimpse to the handset, the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer was leading up to the big unveil. However, just one day before the official announcement, a new leak has stolen the company’s thunder as a video of the purported HTC 10 surfaces online.

A promotional video of the HTC 10 has been posted on YouTube, giving everyone the an early sneak peak of the company’s next generation flagship that’s set to be unveiled soon. The leaked video cements the info that we have gathered from the past couple of leaks. The new smartphone features quite a resemblance with the A9 from the company. It comes with a cleaner layout, and there’s a new hardware button at the bottom of the device.

Furthermore, the video shows that the HTC 10 will feature chamfered edges. The primary camera at the back of the device also looks circular, as opposed to last year’s model’s square shape. The video also confirms the longstanding debate as to what name HTC will be branding the handset. It will be called the HTC 10, which means that the company is finally dropping the “M” prefix in the lineup, although it’s still early to tell if HTC will be continuing this naming scheme should it release another flagship next year.

As far as the specifications go, past leaks suggest that the handset will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset along with 4GB of RAM inside. It will also feature a 5.2-inch display with a QHD resolution, and the camera will be a 12MP Ultra-Pixel primary shooter with OIS and laser autofocus.

More rumours also suggest that the company will launch two variants of the handset. Aside from the HTC 10, there’s going to be an HTC 10 Lifestyle. However, it’s still unknown if it’s going to officially be an HTC 10 variant or a new device of its own.

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