When compared to the feature phones that were all the rage in the past decade, smartphones seem to be uninspiring devices that have basic designs. The majority of the handset offerings today from different smartphone manufacturers more often than not follow the same design language that is currently the trend. Now, if you want to add flavour and flair to your devices, the only way you can pull it off is to buy a snap-on case for your handset. Google wants you to personalise your experience as it announced today custom Live cases for its current generation of Nexus phones.

“These days, there are few things more personal to you than your phone – with all your photos, messages and handpicked apps at your fingertips, it’s almost like a reflection of yourself. Starting today, we’re giving you a new way to make your phone even more you,” wrote Google in the official blog for Android.

My Live Case is a new online tool that will allow people to personalise their own snap cases for handsets such as the Nexus 5X, and the Nexus 6, and the Nexus 6P. Furthermore, users can also choose whatever photo they want for their snap cases. It can be anything they want.

Users can start personalising their designs by heading to the My Live Case website. From there, they can upload the image, and then choose from a dozen of filters that they want to apply.

Google isn’t stopping there, however. The company is also including a live wallpaper that’s based on the picture you have chosen for your snap case. If it’s a photograph, it will a slideshow of images that you have handpicked from the Google Photos app. Going with the map option, on the other hand, will show you your location.

A Live Case will set you back AU$45.51 (US$35) regardless of the design you’re going to use. It’s a relatively small price to pay if you want to set your smartphone apart from other devices.