American TV host Ellen DeGeneres has done another hilarious yet amazing parody. This time, Ellen used Adele’s latest single, “Hello,” which according to her was based on her conversation with the British singer.

On Thursday, Ellen DeGeneres told her audience on her self-titled show that she and Adele are friends. The comedienne revealed that Adele’s new song was inspired by one of their conversations. She went on to show a video clip previewed on the set. Ellen’s proof.

In the video, it showed that Ellen was having a normal day when the phone rang. The outdated wireless phone with an antenna showed the British singer’s name. Ellen immediately answered the call and said, “Hello.” The first lines of the Adele song was then played.

The hilarity of the conversation began when Ellen then said, “The connection is bad. Did you say you’re eating beets?”

After a few more lines from the song, Ellen was already eating some chips. She said, “I’m sorry. I was eating chips. What did you say?”

When they can’t seem to go on with their conversation, Ellen then got another call waiting on the line. Ellen answered it and said, “hello.” The song “Hotline Bling” played with Rapper Drake singing the first lines “you used to call me from my cellphone.

After both lines have been cut off, Ellen continued to eat her chips. The phone rang once again, and this time, singer Lionel Richie was rendering his song with the same title, “Hello.”

Watch the video clip here:

Ever since the official music video of “Hello” was released, different parodies of the song were posted on the Internet. American singer Lionel Richie’s song with the same title was often used in those versions.

The singer of the 1983 “Hello” song seems to have no problem with it. He even addressed Adele’s newest single by joining clips from both of their “Hello” songs.

☎️😦 #hello @adele

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