Gaming fans anticipating the sequel to Watch Dogs won’t have to wait for long. Watch Dogs 2 releases this November. However, prior to its release, a variety of content teasing the title’s arrival already dropped. We round some of them below. Check out the Watch Dogs 2 gameplay in case you’ve missed one before!

One of the content highlights for the game is its story trailer. Ubisoft shared the almost three-minute video on their YouTube channel. The trailer reveals the central characters of the sequel’s narrative. In the spotlight is Marcus Holloway who is dubbed as “the guy who could help […] change the world.”

Aside from the introduction of characters, it also gives an overview of Watch Dogs 2’s motivation. Notably, it relays a timely issue controversial to the world today. The game’s story centers on the characters taking on a web corporation criminal violating people’s privacy.

Naturally, the rest of the trailer features guns, cars and more action. You can check its entirety below.

Watch Dogs 2 gameplay

Meanwhile, aside from the trailer, more content shared by Ubisoft include some Watch Dogs 2 gameplay. The gameplay videos that surfaced so far include an open-world free roam and a feature on Dedsec.

The open-world gameplay video gives a background on improvements with hacking mechanics. At the same time, the video also introduces other explorations players can go with the locale, including the use of drones. The walkthrough also demonstrates driving in the game and how the feature has improved from the first Watch Dogs.

You can watch the full walkthrough below.

Another gameplay available introduces gamers deeper to Dedsec. Much like the free roam walkthrough, this other one gives an overview of what players can do with Marcus skills, like hacking car systems or any other electronics within reach. The video also explains how players can still encounter other players and communicate with them. It also details missions that players can choose to discover.

For full details on the Dedsec walkthrough, watch the video below.

Check back for more features on Watch Dogs 2 gameplay and other updates.