WATCH: Austin Mahone Bullies His Fans; Makes Fun of Them at Madame Tussauds


American teen singer and songwriter Austin Mahone has a multitude of fans, and at a recent sighting, the popstar seemed to have poked fun at his Mahomies.

AM was reported to have “pranked” his fans in Orlando on Monday.

Mahone dressed up and pretended to be an employee at Madame Tussads, a wax museum in Orlando. The teen pop singer even wore an apron, a mustache and a wig to complete his disguise.

In the video, Mahone stood beside his fans while they were taking photos and posing beside his very own wax figure.

He would then remove his mustache and reveal his identity. Fans were really surprised and found themselves screaming and laughing at Mahone’s prank.

Radio.com notes that the young fans were part of the group, “Mahomies” who were “randomly selected” to meet Mahone’s wax figure “under the guise of a promotional photo shoot.”

Some fans even admitted that they knew the “employee” was Mahone. While some cannot believe that they are able to stand beside the real Austin Mahone.

Mahone said, “I had a great time today pretending to be a Madame Tussauds employee! I loved seeing my fans’ faces as they were looking at the figure, and then back to me. Their reactions were priceless! I have some of the best fans in world!”

The singer, however, admits in an interview that growing up, “he was not popular with girls.”

The popstar spilled that “he did not have any luck with girls before he turned to music,” as posted on J-14.

But at the unveiling of his wax figure at Orlando, “he definitely became a ladies’ man,” Inquisitr notes.

Mahone’s wax figure was previously unveiled at Madame Tussauds in New York City before it was transferred in Orlando.

Orlando Sentinel notes that, Mahone’s double now “resides in the music room of International Drive attraction, along with stars such as Madonna, Ricky Martin, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Miley Cyrus.”

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