[WATCH] Android N 1st Preview: ‘Big Changes’ & ‘Stronger’


Google just shocked the world when it unexpectedly announced the Android ‘N’ Developer Preview. What’s more, the company even took it upon themselves and made it easier for developers and brave users to update their smartphones via over-the-air update.

Google’s SVP for Android, Chrome OS and Chromecast Hiroshi Lockheimer wrote on Medium that the company released the preview version of Android ‘N’ earlier so that they will be able to get more feedback from its developers to get the final build up and ready for manufacturers to ship this summer. The company plans for five preview releases, with the final build to launch in the third quarter of this year.

“As we look to the next release of Android, N, you’ll notice a few big changes aimed at you as developers: it’s earlier than ever, it’s easier to try and we’re expanding the ways for you to give us feedback. We hope these changes will ensure that you are heard and reflected — that’s what makes Android stronger,” wrote Lockheimer on Medium.

The search engine giant emphasises that the latest release for Android is still a preview, so it may be to your best interest to not install it in a smartphone that you use regularly. Of course, the changes that come in the latest mobile operating system are really quite something to behold.

Right upfront, Google made some overhaul to Android, although it still retains the Material Design language for keeps. Quick Settings are now handled differently – there’s now a belt of icons north of the notification shade. You can also choose what you want in Quick Settings. That way, you can access battery options and data saving features instead of going to the Settings app. Another interesting feature is the capability to split screens. You will now be able to open apps side by side so you can be more productive even when you’re on the go.

The Verge has posted a video about its new features, which you can watch below:

If you’re excited to learn more, Google is expected to showcase more of Android ‘N’ this May during Google I/O.

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