‘Warcraft’ Movie Trailer: 10 Best Game Moments We Want to See in the Film

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The official statement from director Duncan Jones has finally arrived. The “Warcraft” movie is all set for a June 10, 2016, summer release. With some “ground breaking” CGI in the movie, last month’s action packed leaked footage, promises to be legendary.

When Blizzard took the stage at Gamescom and announced the latest expansion for the “World of Warcraft” after “Warlords of Draenor,” fans were able to introduce a whole new adventure on “Azeroth,” notes Den of Geek.

As we move closer to the 10 year anniversary date of “World of Warcraft”, we hereby bring you the 10 best game moments that we want to see in the upcoming film.

The Blood Plague

The virtual plague which erupted on Sep. 13, 2005 lasted for almost a week as the disease was highly contagious and rapidly spread across players, killing hundred of low level characters who came in contract with the disease.  This gaming feature even caught the attention of the scientist who wanted to study the effects of such a biological disease outbreak.

The Blessed Sword: Thunderfury

The “Thunderfury” was legendary and it was “one of the game’s first seriously coveted pieces of loot.”

Leeroy Jenkins

Considered to be one of the most famous characters of all-time, Leeroy Jenkins was honored by Blizzard several times and his quotes such as “Atleast I have Chicken” are often used by players even today.

Illegal Danish Super Snacks

The machinima film introducing one of the most popular in-game graphics won multiple awards.

South Shore vs Tarren Mill

This epic battle to death experience had nothing rewarding about it other than the pure satisfaction
of destroying the other side.

Alterac Valley

The only 40 v. 40 map could last all day and was special of its kind unlike other small maps. It was an instant hit among fans.

The most amazing raid: Naxxramas

The 40 man raid released by Blizzard was one of the most difficult contents in the game but the experience served was amazing.

Warcraft’s Cataclysm

The start of Cataclysm saw the Death wing destroying many vanilla zones allowing Blizzard to rewrite new quests and adventures.

Mists of Pandaria

While starting a new race, Panderan, your Panda with a serious addiction to mining and herbing, could choose whether he wanted to fight for the horde or the alliance.


Blizzard introduced the Transmog, which was a great way to tap Warcraft’s old content and run old raids over and over again.

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