“Walking Dead” fans are excited for season seven and they can’t help to speculate that Rick Grimes will have another mental breakdown this season.

The speculations began after TWD creator Robert Kirkman hinted about the future of Rick (Andrew Lincoln) at the recent AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit. The showrunner teased that the series protagonist will have a hard time this season.

Someone asked Kirkman if he believes Rick will have another mental breakdown in the upcoming season, he replied: “I’d say that’s a fair assumption. The premiere episode of season 7 is going to be hard for everyone… Rick especially.”

It can be recalled that Rick had some mental overload in the past, especially after his wife Lori died in Season three. As a result, Rick began hallucinating and had homicidal episode until his gun was taken away from him. He was able to cope and took back his sanity. During the entire season, Rick had done his job to keep his family and friends safe.

With Negan arrival on season six finale, fans are wondering if Rick will have another mental breakdown and if he will survive it, this time, Inquisitr noted.

In the previous season, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) tracked down Rick’s group. Negan was not pleased that Rick’s group ambushed the Saviors with no reason. In Negan’s mind, someone had to pay the atrocities. But how will Rick deal if one on his group gets bashed by his barbed wire baseball bat, Lucille?

Kirkman’s AMA on Reddit was supposed to be about his new show, “Outcast,” but some fans could not control themselves to ask questions about “The Walking Dead,” Inquisitr reported.

The showrunner also takes the time to share his views on the controversial cliffhanger in season six finale since fans have been furious about it, Morning News USA wrote.

“Scott Gimple and I spent many months going over exactly how to stage it and how to adapt that scene. Many options were discussed. I do strongly believe that when you watch the Season 7 premiere (if you do) you will see the two halves of the story and it will all make sense why we did what we did,” he explained.

“The Walking Dead” season seven premiere date has not yet been announced.