‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 New Major Villain Revealed; Character Notorious in the Comics


A new big bad will rattle the world of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”.

Entertainment Weekly reports that “The Good Wife” actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast for the role of Negan, one of the most notorious villains in the “Walking Dead” comic books. The report further highlighted that Morgan is no amateur when it comes to portraying a comic book character since he had his fair share in playing the Comedian in the 2009 film, Watchmen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the character is most likely to make his appearance during the season six finale of the series. THR also described the character as “the violent leader of a group known as the Saviors that uses force and intimidation to subjugate other communities”.

In terms of Morgan’s commitment with “The Good Wife”, TV Line shares that his role as investigator in the CBS show may not have a large impact in him playing Negan because TWD’s production hiatus already began this November and is set to be until late spring next year. Morgan’s role as Jason in “Good Wife” was a deal only good for the seventh season of the show, TV Line adds.

Meanwhile, whether the arrival of Negan in the show impacts the fate of Glenn (Steven Yeun) is a major mystery. As per Variety, it is Negan who murders Glenn in the comics so Morgan’s casting could also mean that Glenn is not dead after all–at least not yet. However, the same report by Variety also clarifies that this is a far-fetched theory considering that Yeun’s name has since been removed from the show’s opening credits.

The A.V. Club also offers that since many changes have been incorporated in the show away from the material in the comic books, Negan could possibly introduce himself by bludgeoning another character’s head with a baseball bat. Could this mean another major character’s death? Only the upcoming episodes of the show has the answer.

“The Walking Dead” airs every Sunday at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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