Voltron the giant robo-warrior is back, but this time with all updated equipment and gears. If your childhood belongs to the 1980s, then it might be enough to elate your senses to see this mechanical hero again on the small screen. Now the question arises regarding what to expect from this upcoming version of animation series.

Here are five things:

  1. Just to make things all the more fascinating, Netflix has involved DreamWorks Animation in creating “Voltron: Legendary Defender,” a reboot of the beloved cult-classic anime “Voltron: Defender of The Universe.” The series contains 13 episodes, enough to satisfy our entertainment-addictive hunger pangs.
  1. The franchise has applied a new coat of digital paint and turned up the sound. The voicing cast is there to put life to these digital characters. The team includes Steven Yeun, Tyler Labine, Bex Taylor-Klaus and Rhys Darby, well-known from the live-action world, with Jeremy Shada (the voice of Finn on “Adventure Time”), Kimberly Brooks and Josh Keaton, who we have heard in cartoons or video games.
  1. Many of us may be aware of the fact that the small screen is not unknown to our beloved Voltron. He does have predecessors who emerged as Nicktoons’ 2011 “Voltron Force and before that for the clunky, 20th-century CGI of “Voltron: The Third-Dimension.” However, rumors claim that this version will be better than them. After all, it is all about upgrading, you know.
  1. “Voltron: Legendary Defender” more or less follows the lines of the pilot episodes of the 1984 original. The ’84 version was adapted without the help of translation from two Japanese series, “Beat King GoLion” and “Armored Fleet Dairugger XV.” Watch the official trailer below.

A young team of space cadets (Yeun, Shada, Labine, Taylor-Klaus and Keaton) is called up by an elf-eared alien princess (Brooks) and her counselor (Darby) to find five giant robot lions. These machines will be combined together to form the five-times-as-colossal humanoid robot-warrior Voltron, the only line of defense against King Zarkon (Neil Kaplan) and an evil alien race set on rule the galaxy.

“They’re not exactly the best and brightest the universe has to offer,” says the princess to the counselor of their new champions.”No, but they’re all we got.”

  1. The creative team put its best to produce a much better output than any previous iteration. Los Angeles Times defines the upcoming version as more dimensional with a fine and fluid line and a palette that subtly shifts with the changing light. The wider screen and sharper focus allow for further details and a better sense of scale – those mechanical cats look darn enormous.

“Voltron: Legendary Defender” drops on Netflix anytime starting Friday, so stay tuned.