Volkswagen Recall 2015: 8.5 Million Cars Recalled for Emission Problems

A lot is going on with Volkswagen and nothing reads out to be good.

To begin with, the automobile giant in question is recalling 8.5 million cars across Europe and to add to that the Italian police also raided the carmaker’s Verona HQ, according to a report on CNET.

Their troubles didn’t end there, Volkswagen wanted to issue a voluntary recall, which was turned down. The company has been ordered to make it mandatory.

A voluntary recall would mean the owners of the cars bringing their vehicles to the company, which will put the responsibility on the drivers. Now the German company “will have to deal with a massive onslaught of defective vehicles.”

In a Reuters report, German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt said, “The recall will begin at the start of 2016. The KBA will monitor the start of the recall action and its progress.”

Last month, Volkswagen acknowledged the truth that the company had installed a software in their diesel vehicles in order to get away from regulators, when it came to rightly estimating the toxic being emitted form the cars.

Not only does the company have to report those who are responsible, it will also be paying over $7 billion for repairs required once the cars are recalled.

As noted by CNET, the company could well be shelling out a lot more than estimated since there are 11 million of those diesels cars on the streets in Europe.

With ongoing investigations within the company and by the government, head of the diesel engine development at Volkswagen, Falko Rudolph, was suspended.

Furthermore, the Italian police raided the Lamborghini head office in Bologna as well, with Lamborghini being the subsidiary of Volkswagen Group.

Keep coming back for more updates as Volkswagen is expected to turn in its plan on repairing recalled cars, by November end.

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