‘The Voice’ Season 10 Christina Aguilera Axed? Blames Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani?

"The Voice" coach Christina Aguilera

Coaches and advisers of “The Voice” Season 10 have been making headlines because of the drama that involves Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. Rumour has it that the only female judge was axed and she blames the couple for it.

Miley Cyrus will be stepping into the big red chair when Season 11 arrives, notes Inquistr. According to the website, the “Wrecking Ball” singer will be filling in Aguilera’s sexy shoes because she was fired due to the crooner and the female rock star.

Furthermore, The Hollywood Gossip added that Shelton was disappointed when Aguilera returns to the show, evicting his girlfriend from the panel of “The Voice” judges, hence, terminating the “Beautiful” singer. Although this issue is still unconfirmed, the website stated that there might me more reason why Aguilera decided to leave the show.

Previously, there was a report that Aguilera was furious about a “loved-up bonus” that the couple has allegedly received. The couple’s love story has been a staple to the show, bringing in more profit and giving higher ratings to the show.

“Christina is furious… and is already throwing mini tantrums about it,” a source revealed on Mirror. “Producers want the two of them to give fans a full-on love-fest this season when [Gwen] is a mentor on Team Blake, and they are going to throw in huge bonuses for exclusives, such as on-air duets, engagements, etc,” the source added.

However, there is another news that both Stefani and Aguilera will be out on Season 11. But they won’t be out for good, as it has been noted that the two mothers must be attending something more important while Season 11 is filming.

For that, Alicia Keys will also be stepping into the show to replace the No Doubt vocalist, Inquistr also noted. More news about “The Voice” Season 10 soon.

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