Could the Madden Brothers’ seats on “The Voice Australia” 2016 be in jeopardy?

The stint of The Veronicas on the reality show was temporary. Sisters’ Jess and Lisa Origliasso joined “The Voice Australia” during last Sunday’s show. However, the recent clamor by fans on social media could spell trouble for the Madden Brothers, Mail Online reported.

The twin sisters stepped in for the Madden Brothers who took care of music commitments with Good Charlotte elsewhere. Moreover, they handled the boys’ coaching duties all week during rehearsals, revealed. It looks like they did an amazing job on the show as fans tweeted their approval.

However, other tweets would likely send a shiver down the Madden Brothers’ spine. As it turns out, The Veronicas did so well that some Twitter users want them to take over as coaches. @XennoxDiamonds’ tweet even merited a like from the official “The Voice Australia” Twitter account.

The Veronicas spoke about their time on “The Voice Australia.” Mail Online quoted the sisters’ remarks from the episode.

“We loved it. We love giving our loud opinions when they are not really needed. I feel like we did kind of get to bring in a fresh new perspective for them,” Lisa said.

“We tend to do that to each other when we are in the studio so this was a wonderful opportunity to speak to awesome, Australian talent,” Jess added. However, should Jessie J worry as well? This wouldn’t be her first clash with fans. @DeltaAddiiict was specific as to which judges should stay, who should go, and who should come back. Although the username seems to explain the choices.

Meanwhile, the sisters also spoke out against “X Factor” Australia 2016 judge Iggy Azalea recently. The Veronicas responded to a tweet posted by MTV Australia, reported.

Originally, the tweet meant to compare the artists in a “musical battle.” However, it soon went in a different direction, MTV Australia noted. The sisters are animal rights advocates. Hence, their reaction to the tweet that featured their opponent wearing fur.

The Veronicas released the music video for their latest single “In My Blood,” reported in a separate post. Like them, it seemed to offer an otherworldly feel.

“We’re a little dark and twisted and weird. We like the weirder twisted side of art. We love our David Lynch you know,” Lisa noted. Is The Voice Australia your favorite show?