The Voice Australia 2015: Delta Goodrem Jessie J Fight is ‘Genuine’ Says Producer

The feud between “The Voice Australia” judges Jessie J and Delta Goodrem caught the entire nation’s attention. In the show’s episode last Sunday, Goodrem walked off the set after a cat fight with the English singer.

While some are suspecting that the clash of the highly acclaimed artists are scripted to get high ratings, Channel Nine show’s executive producer John Walsh says that the catfight is “genuine”.

Walsh said that while the onscreen conflict was real, the two had a “heart to heart” talk after the incident to resolve the issue.

“They did have a heart-to-heart after taping one night just to talk it through because they do have such different approaches but as you saw in last night’s show it was resolved and they’re professionals,” the producer told Daily Mail.

The tension between the two judges intensified after the performance of the Queensland singing teacher Tamara O’Callaghan, who sang the Marilyn Monroe original “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”. After some feisty arguments, Delta reached her boiling point. She took off her microphone and declared “I’m over this sh*t. I’m out”, and suddenly went off the judge’s seat.

Delta went back on the set after taking a breather.

Sydney Morning Herald stated that Goodrem was infuriated and could not bear hearing the contestants “be embarrassed onstage” by Jessie J.

“I think I’ve had enough of the tough love. I want to be someone who wants to encourage people’s dreams,” Delta said, quotes SMH.

“The Voice Australia” is gaining huge ratings since its premiere last June 28. However, their Sunday night episode garnered  the highest for this season — an enormous 1.8 million viewers nationwide.

Despite the feud between the two female judges, Channel Nine states that they are satisfied at the current panel.

“We think the show’s looking great. The quality of the artists is incredible and everybody’s really happy with the show,” a spokesperson told SMH.

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