‘The Voice Australia’ 2015: Delta Angry at Jessie J? ‘Don’t Give Me That Look’

Singers Jessie J and Delta Goodrem clash once again on “The Voice” Australia.

The tension between the two coaches peaked on Sunday night after Jessie took the stage to commend Ellie Drennan’s performance of “California Dreami,” the Daily Mail reported.

After Jessie gave her lengthy speech on why the 16-year-old teen “is the best singer in the competition”, Delta gave her analysis, saying “I think Jessie had a great performance.”

Delta said it sarcastically as the singer thinks Jessie took over the stage and spotlight from Ellie. But the British singer was not impressed with Delta’s comment and threw her some shade off-camera.

Delta warned Jessie saying, “Don’t give me that look,” before the Australia singer continued with her assessment of Ellie.

Sunday’s tension between the two singers was not a first. The two clashed last month that ended up with Delta reaching her breaking point and storming off her seat after Jessie criticized one young contestant.

Mirror quoted Delta saying she could no longer watch artists being “embarrassed on stage”.

That incident came less than a week after Jessie urged a contestant to choose Joel and Benji Madden instead of Delta if he wanted a better career. Mirror reported Delta was “furious” at that time and threw some piercing stares at Jessie.

Meanwhile, the “The Voice” Australia coaches also took the stage Sunday to perform their own hits.

Delta sang “Sitting On Top Of The World” while Jessie J performed “Flashlight.” Twins Benjie and Joel Madden chose to sing “Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous”, while Ricky Martin picked his hit “Nobody Wants To Be Lonely.”

Aside from Ellie, Joe Moore, Liam Maihi, and Lyndall Wennekes were saved Sunday night and sent straight through to the semi-finals. Gail Page, Peta Evans-Taylor, Amber Nichols, and Rik-E-Ragga, on the other hand, bid their goodbyes while Caleb Jago-Ward, Naomi Price, Nathan Hawes and Simi Vuata will wait for the verdict of the public if they will stay in the show.

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