‘The Voice Australia’ 2015 Battle Rounds: Ricky Martin Steals Two from Jessie J & Delta Goodrem

Battle rounds for “The Voice Australia” are set and coaches have the toughest job of choosing which of their members to keep and who to drop. Lucky for Ricky Martin, he was able to keep two contestants from Delta Goodrem and Jessie J.

On the last Sunday episode, the of the judges made some tough decisions, in which Ricky Martin found a perfect opportunity.

According to The Daily Mail, the “Livin La Vida Loca” singer “played a strategic game” by picking up the husband and wife duo Paula and Clay against Rik-E-Ragga, both under Delta’s team.

The couples’ performance was well received by Joel Madden claiming that Paula had the best voice in the competition. However, Delta chose the reggae rapper instead.

“’I really love both of you, but I’m gonna have to go with Rik-E” while holding her head.

Martin enthusiastically pushed the red button to steal the talented couple.

Watch the performance here.

But that didn’t end there. His next strategic move came during the fierce showdown between Simi Vuata and Stewart Winchester.

Jessie J was caught in between, but the decision was made less tough when Ricky confirmed that he is ready to pick up whichever contestant the “Bang Bang” singer wouldn’t choose.

“You guys were amazing…and regardless what your decision is Jessie,” Martin confirmed.

Jessie J kept Vuata and Martin stole Stewart.

On the other hand, the Madden brothers also got a steal from the Aussie songstress by recruiting Jake Howden.

Howden and Grace Pitts belted Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space.”

“You’re both really talented, you both have really special voices, you’re both really cool looking and you’re both really good looking,” Delta claimed, but later chose Grace.

The Madden twins stole Howden then declared, “Australia’s got so much talent, it blows my mind.”


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