Has Christina Aguilera quit the panel of judges on America’s hit reality show, “The Voice”?

The panel of judges on the show serve to select talent and mentor them throughout the season. Aguilera has made new plans, raising the question of who will show be judging season 10 of “The Voice.”

Aguilera has plans in store as the superstar has landed herself a job with Spike TV.

According to The Inquisitr, Aguilera scored a major deal with Spike TV. The network will launch a music game show, called “Tracks,” later this year. Aguilera is one of the producers.

Aguilera along with partner Matt Rutler, Michael Agbabian and Dwight D. Smith will all act as executive producers to the show. The host has not been announced yet. However, details of the show have been revealed.

It will be a game featuring two contestants who have to guess which track is playing by a sample of music, lyrics or bass. Rumours circulate of celebrity guests making appearances and singing tracks, whether it be their music or not.

Aguilera commented on the show, expressing her excitement for the project. “Having finely tuned my ear for the music over the years, I thought it would be fun to test other folks and see if they can identify a track- with a twist- since contestants will have to focus on a single component of a song”.

“I’m excited to have “Tracks” debuting on Spike TV, and proud to have this as the first project springing from our first-look deal with Lionsgate.”

According to Movie News Guide, rumours are circulating as to why Aguilera may quit the show. Fans of Aguilera’s believe her deal with Spike TV was not her only incentive.

The rumours circulating include “Cool” singer Gwen Stefani and her recent relationship with “The Voice” coach (and co-worker of Aguilera’s) Blake Shelton. Aguilera is friends with Shelton’s ex wife, Miranda Lambert.

Reports have been made that Aguilera, loyal to Lambert, is not a “fan” of Stefani and Shelton’s relationship. Hostility is rumoured to be between Stefani and Aguilera as Stefani was the former female judge. Reports have also been made that Aguilera “can’t stand to see them as a couple” when rumours circulated that Shelton was asking producers for Stefani to be brought on as another mentor.

Whether superstars’ sharpened claws are the reasonings behind Christina Aguilera possibly leaving “The Voice”, or whether it was the deal made with Spike TV. One thing is for sure, “Tracks” is going to be highly anticipated.