“The Voice” Season 10 judge Christina Aguilera is said to be dissing Gwen Stefani once again while they share the spotlight on the show. Meanwhile, fellow judge Adam Levine is worried about his status on the competition.

Aguilera came back on Season 10 after her maternity leave which puts Stefani out of the big red chair. However, it was quite expected that the rock star will still be on the show as Blake Shelton’s team adviser.

The PDA that the new couple, Stefani, and Shelton, have been doing is said to be beneficial for the singing competition. On the other, the “Beautiful” singer allegedly sees it as a threat to her spot on the show.

According to Health Aim, Aguilera will be “vacating her role” as a coach after this season because of the couple’s high-profile love affair. This might also be the last of her appearance as Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys are confirmed to be joining the panel of judges on Season 11.

Although there were previous reports that the only female has been throwing “mini tantrums,” and has been accusing Stefani of having “no vocal talent,” these accusations were never proven. Instead, Aguilera expressed her excitement for her team as there’s a possibility that she could win this season.

Speaking to E! News, she and co-judge Adam Levine exchange words because the Maroon 5 singer is worried about his position. “I’m worried, and I’m not because A. I would love for a female to win,” he began saying.

“B. I would love for that female to win because she’s here from the beginning. This girl deserves it. She’s definitely got the best team. I can’t lie about that,” he concluded.

“Don’t jinx me, Adam! I know what they’re doing,” Christina Aguilera joked in response. “I know what they’re trying to do, setting me up for a fall!”

More news about “The Voice” 2016 in the coming days.