Will Miley Cyrus reign as the new permanent judge for the Voice 2016? Blake Shelton and Adam Levine might vacate their seats in the next season.

The alleged feud that circulates between the gentlemen and the young singer has been present on the Internet since she sat on the big red chair. It all started with the Wrecking Ball singer and the Maroon 5 frontman.

Sources claim that they have been bickering each other non-stop. As a result, Cyrus broke down into tears. But more than enough, Shelton chose the side of his long-time co-judge, as per insiders.

The fight might have been going on. But contrary to the reports, Shelton and Levine felt that their time is up as coaches for the Voice 2016.

There was a report that they will be retiring not because of Miley Cyrus, but due to the idea that they already did well in the past seasons. It might be right for them to give chance to other aspiring judges.

Also, the exit must have something to do with Gwen Stefani not being on the show. Notably, Shelton and Stefani could be very sentimental about the show because it helped them find each other during the hard times of their respective divorces.

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On the other hand, there are also reports that Shelton and Stefani are trying to persuade the executives to have her again on the judge’s seat. According to a source from OK!, they would like the showrunners to opt Cyrus out.

“Gwen doesn’t want to share the pop music spotlight with Miley. But it’s mostly because she and Blake see this as their show — they fell in love on the set, and they want to keep working together.”

But Gossip Cop quickly debunked these allegations, stating that the magazine seemed to fabricate the report.

More updates about the Voice 2016 soon.

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