Viv Smarter Than Siri?

Dag Kittlaus

Co-founder of Siri has created the artificial intelligence-powered digital assistant, Viv and the public had its first look. It was created with the aim to counter rivals with the help of its understanding of the human conversation.

During the TechCrunch Disrupt conference, Dag Kittlaus demonstrated his latest creation. It is said that Viv was created with the aim to go beyond and counter Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and the voice inside Google.

Kittlaus is CEO of San Jose, California-based Viv Labs. Viv (pronounced as Viv as in Vivian) can work on any device and can be powered by every service; however, he said that it is in the development stage. His bold vision is to create as a digital assistant who would be able to speak to you as naturally as if you are speaking to another person.

With this technology, users can use their voice to perform tasks such as to order flowers, or summon an Uber, as Kittlaus demonstrated at the conference.

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The aim is to “open up the ecosystem where this world of assistants that we’re used to today that has several a dozen capabilities now has an opportunity to explode to hundreds of thousands and tens of thousands of times the number of capabilities that some of the today’s assistants have,” said Kittlaus in an interview after leaving the TC Disrupt stage.

“We think the key to that is having a third party platform where anyone can add to the experience,” he added.

According to Kittlaus, AI is at a similar stage of Apple when it launched the Apple Store, and his new digital assistant will be enhanced in all sorts of devices. He had also noted that Viv Labs has been approached by major car companies, consumer electronics, car and Internet companies, notes USA Today.

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“We have no shortage of distribution opportunities and that’s really the next step…We have more interest in what we’re doing than we can possibly handle. We’re booked and ready to go,” he said.

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