Lynette Daley, the mother of seven young children, died after two people performed violent sex acts on her, which prompted the supporters of her family to protest against the failure of authorities in executing the guilty perpetrators.

A wave of anger washed over the public upon seeing how casually the New South Wales Director of Public Prosecutions has handled the violence done on the 33-year-old mum. The angry masses decided to gather for a demonstration outside the Grafton office of the Member for Clarence Chris Gulaptis on Tuesday morning. A campaign called #justicefornorma has been initiated on social media as a criticism over the casual handling of the whole matter and to alert attention to make sure the family gets justice as soon as possible.

The Daily Examiner reports that the organisers of the demonstrations aim at putting pressure on the DPP to bring the two suspects to trial. Daley, also known as Norma, was found dead in a horrendous condition, naked and bloodied on Ten Mile Beach in northern New South Wales in January 2011. According to her autopsy report, she died because of severe genital tract injuries and trauma. Her body went through tremendous pains as she suffered from grave internal as well as external injuries. According to reports, the woman got injured in a violent sex act performed on her by a man named Adrian Attwater, who claimed to be her boyfriend.

According to the ABC, there was another suspect aside from Attwater who violated Norma. However, the authorities charged them but they never proceeded with their prosecution of the suspects. Daley was taken to the beach the day before she was violently and sexually abused. Attwater was accompanied by his friend, Paul Maris. They allegedly lied to Norma, saying they would take her fishing and camping as they knew she won’t agree to other reasons. The reports suggested that both the men were known to police at the time they committed the crime.

An online petition to the DPP was filed on to push the authorities to take severe steps against the assailants.