“Vikings” season 4 is enjoying a summer break at this moment. It might not be very great news for the enthusiasts who have been clamoring for more. Going by the trend of TV series, the probabilities are high that the historical drama may arrive in July this year. If so, then eager fans may breathe a sigh of relief.

Rumors on “Vikings” season 4’s return suggest that the show will come back after the “Game of Thrones” season 6 finale. Since the HBO fantasy series finally ended, speculations related to the details of “Vikings” Season 4 have started to float on the internet.

Earlier this year, History Channel ordered sixteen episodes scheduled to air every Thursday starting February 18. The airing was tenure supposed to last for 10 weeks. This means there are at least 10 more episodes scheduled to return mid-year to complete the episodes. Another four episodes were confirmed for the show, says Den of Geek.

Vikings Season 4 Midseason in July

As per the plan, “Vikings,” Season 4 episode 11 should arrive on the first Thursday after the latest ‘Game of Thrones’ season wraps up.

Since that didn’t happen, fans can still expect that the show will arrive this July. The reason given for this is because most TV series and their respective story arcs look for a mid-year season finale. It also works for keeping the flow of their storylines intact. Otherwise, there will be too many replays simultaneously airing with the current season.

The Bit Bag reveals that “Vikings” Season 4 will come back with the same cast including Jasper Pääkkönen as Halfdan the Black, Dianne Doan as Yidu and Peter Franzén as King Harold Finehair.

“Vikings” Season 4 is currently following the story concept of Ragnar taking over his people, in the absence of Rollo. A few days back we have hinted about the character’s absence from the season due to Clive Standen‘s involvement in “Taken” the TV series.

Will Rollo remain loyal to France and decide to ditch his own people? Will Ragnar be able to operate the group? Or will the group fall out once Ragnar succumbs to illness and die?

The remaining episodes of “Vikings” season 4  have all the answers. For more updates, stay tuned.