A Salvatore will soon die?  Avid fans of “The Vampire Diaries” are very familiar with how the show kills off certain characters unexpectedly. And while some are fortunate to return alive, other characters are put into sleeping spells or are permanently removed from Mystic Falls.

According to rumours, fans must prepare themselves to bid farewell to another TVD character this season. And the rumors point to a Salvatore brother – will it be Damon or Stefan?

The arrow’s pointing more to Damon, MTV News wrote. In the three-year flash-forward on the December 3 episode, Damon Salvatore was chained up at a news anchor chair. Damon was surprised to see his mother, who seems to be expecting someone else and not her eldest son.

According to the site, the mini stakes that pinned Damon into the chair have werewolf venom in them. TVD fans definitely know what werewolf venom toxins can do to a vampire – it weakens and infects the vampire’s bloodstream.

“Without proper treatment you’ll die soon,” Lily told Damon. But according to MTV News, it’s not Mother Salvatore who’s talking to Damon. As werewolf toxin is hallucinogenic, Damon’s just imagined someone as Lily.

While Damon was apologizing to the person he thought was his mother, the woman responded, “Mom? Wow. You must really be having a bad trip. Your mother’s been dead for years.” The vision became clearer but the site mentioned that the woman’s face is still unrecognisable.

If Damon doesn’t get blood from Klaus or any hybrid, he will eventually die. Despite lingering questions about this unidentified character on TVD’s flash-forwards, does this future scene indicate that actor Ian Somerhalder will leave the show?

It was previously reported that Ian was enjoying the spotlight after Nina Dobrev left. However, some TVD cast members want Nina back because they do not like Ian’s “diva behaviour.” If Nina would be back on the show, will this prompt Ian Somerhalder to leave?

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