Although Elena is missing-in-action in the current season of “The Vampire Diaries,” it seems that fans should not lose hope to see Nina Dobrev back on the show. According to rumours, the cast members want the actress back. Will her return prompt Ian Somerhalder to leave?

As mentioned on Celeb Dirty Laundry, some TVD cast members prefer Nina’s “friendliness to Ian’s “diva behaviour.” The actor was reportedly enjoying the spotlight after Nina’s departure from the show.

When Nina’s character left the show on Season 6, fans wondered how her exit would affect the show. Ian Somerhalder admitted in an interview with Variety that he was one of those people who thought that it would be a “huge departure.” But according to Ian, her departure wasn’t a problem as it brought new developments on the show.

One such development will be seen in the 10th episode of the season. Ian Somerhalder revealed that fans should watch out for it because they will see how Damon became who he is. He mentioned that he worked hard for the episode as he lost six pounds while filming it.

Ian admitted to Collider that he loves Season 7 because the show is focused on the two Salvatore brothers.

TVD co-star Paul Wesley agreed with his elder Salvatore brother and said,

“They’re like the main love story; that fraternal kinship is more powerful and in effect this year more than ever. They should be teaming up and fighting the negative outside forces. There’s no room for them to be at odds with each other. There’s just no room for either one of them to be the villain.”

As mentioned on Inquisitr, EP Julie Plec didn’t share the same views with Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder about TVD’s future. She was open to the idea of more seasons on the show but was “less thrilled” to extend it beyond the 7th.

Whether the rumours are true or not, would you like Nina Dobrev to be back on the set?