Fans will undoubtedly tune in to the “Vampire Diaries” season 7 finale to find out if Nina Dobrev returns or not. Rumours about her comeback circulated throughout the entire season. Would the final episode reveal what many hope to see?

It remains unconfirmed if Dobrev will reprise her role as Elena in the “Vampire Diaries” season 7 finale. The Inquisitr had earlier theorised her appearance has a connection to Damon’s “ultimate sacrifice.” Yet a sneak peek of “Gods & Monsters” might lead to greater confusion as Damon himself looked puzzled by what he saw inside the vault.

Damon broke into the Armory after Enzo learned that the destruction of the final Everlasting would not kill Bonnie as well. Despite Stefan’s insistence that the Armory is impenetrable, Damon showed his explosive plan to save Bonnie and what he’s capable of doing, TV Line wrote.

However, he probably didn’t expect what was inside. In the teaser clip, Damon said Elena’s name and appeared confused by what he saw.

A previous episode of “Vampire Diaries” could possibly shed light on his dilemma, the Inquisitr noted. The publication recalled Bonnie’s revelation about the monster. It’s not a person or thing. However, it’s able to do something to the mind and ultimately feed off its victim’s soul until nothing is left. Its ability to mimic the voice of a loved one also adds to the victim’s confusion.

TV Guide noted the show’s penchant for putting its characters in “unthinkable danger” at the finale. However, the “Vampire Diaries” season 7 finale could possibly outdo previous seasons. TVD creator Julie Plec shared an insight into what the finale hopes to accomplish. While it offers closure to the characters, “that then is violently interrupted by a big shift in two of the central characters who may never be the same,” Plec revealed.

Nina Dobrev left the TV series at the end of season 6. Although “Vampire Diaries” fared well after her departure, fans remain hopeful she would return to rekindle Delena. However, Nikki Reed might have a different opinion on that matter.