‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 7 Episode 1 Recap: Crazy Changes Revealed


“The Vampire Diaries” has entered the post-Elena era and it became quite evident with the Season 7 premiere. New developments in the plot and ardent followers of the show, probably have more questions now than ever before.

The first episode of the new season gave a quick glimpse into the future, as noted by E! Online.

Those rooting for Stefan and Caroline coming together, are probably delighted for now we know that Steroline is finally a reality.

However, there is a woman on the prowl and it appears she is after Stefan. Her identity, of course, is under wraps and our guess is as good as yours in this case, making it a wait and watch game.

When Variety questioned showrunner Julie Plec whether the woman in question is Caroline, she said, “You are the second person to guess that. All I will say is that there are a lot of people it could be and we’re not going to tell you for quite some time.”

Other major developments on the show include the changing in setting to Brooklyn. Yes! you read that right! Matt taking on being a cop and Stefan and Damon’s struggling relationship with their mother spills onto this season as well.

Lily Salvatore’s mention brings us to the Heretics and their war of sorts with the residents of Mystic Falls. Heretics are a group of witch-vampire hybrids who supported Lily during her time in the prison world gaining her undying loyalty. As is known, they aren’t in Mystic Falls to play any good.

As Elizabeth Blackmore, who portrays Heretic Valerie, shared with TVLine, “They’re going to have some issues adjusting into this new world, especially once they start interacting with the other characters who have already been here.”

What’s more? Since Candice King is expecting a baby, it will be interesting to see whether and how it is included in the plot of the show, when questioned about it by Variety, Julie said, “We made a decision we are really excited about and it’s in that story in all kinds of good ways.”

Fans can catch “The Vampire Diaries” episodes on Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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