In”The Vampire Diaries” Season 7 Epsidoe 11, fans will witness Stefan (Paul Wesley) struggling to get a grip of reality in order to save his brother Damon from the Phoenix Stone effect. But aside from his personal traumatic experience, Stefan has to face a bigger enemy in the form a mysterious character called the Huntress. Who is this Elena look-alike and why is she after Stefan?

The vampire huntress Rayna (Leslie-Ann Huff) is after the youngest Salvatore brother because he was marked by the Phoenix Stone Sword. According to Annie Wersching, anyone who was stabbed by the sword and sustained an X-shaped scar on their body is officially on the Huntress’ list.

“Pretty much everyone gets in her cross-hairs,” Wersching told “But anyone with an X scar on their body – it opens up for Stefan as you can see in the flash forwards – and she’s obviously hunting him. Stefan is the biggest goal for her that she’s trying to flush out.”

If the Huntress targets anyone who has been stabbed by the Phoenix Stone Sword, this also means that Damon and Julien are not safe from her wrath. Wesching, however, pointed out that there might be a solution if the Salvatore brothers can uncover the history of the sword.

“As we saw Stefan and Damon both get stabbed by the sword, we start to understand what the heck is going on with that mythology. It’s all together,” explained “Vampire Diaries” producer Caroline Dries. “Once we understand the rules of that sword and who owns it and who’s compelled by the sword, essentially, to kill vampires, it’ll all make sense.”

For the meantime, fans can look forward to Tyler’s homecoming which will happen on Episode 11. Lots of drama is bound to happen as Caroline seems to be displeased by his return.

” The Vampire Diaries” Season 7 Episode 11 will air on February 5.