“Vampire Diaries” Season 7 episode 21 entitled “Requiem for a Dream” threatens the lives of the show’s resident vampires. Although Damon Salvatore was able to save his best friend Bonnie from her imminent death, his actions inadvertently turned her into their worst fears.

The upcoming episode will focus on Kat Graham’s character Bonnie and her new role as the new vampire huntress, Design & Trend reported. The publication recalled her transformation was the result of Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) idea to exchange Rayna’s (Leslie-Anne Huff) life for hers so she would live.

Damon ignored the warnings until it was too late to stop everything from happening. Now Damon, along with Enzo (Michael Malarkey), his brother Stefan (Paul Wesley), and the other vampires in Mystic Falls are running for their lives.

Among her possible victims, Bonnie appears to target Caroline with a great deal of intensity. The publication recalled Caroline’s departure from Mystic Falls in order to move her twins away from the place of vampires and witches. However, Bonnie finds out where she’s staying and threatens to kill her. Stefan confirmed to Caroline that she’s in danger.

His concern might signal a reunion between Stefan and Caroline, WetPaint surmised. The publication revealed he would make a “rash decision” that will force them to deal with the fallout of their relationship. Hence, would Stefan get to kill Bonnie before she can get to Caroline? If so, this might coincide with Graham’s announcement that she would leave “Vampire Diaries” after Season 8, Us Weekly reported.

However, would Bonnie’s death signal the return of Elena? Nina Dobrev was earlier speculated to come back after the death of Leslie-Anne Huff’s character.

Melty remarked that Bonnie is “more dangerous than ever” given her new role. The publication noted that she’s also a witch with a fiery temper. Damon’s taunts of “catch me if you can” is not likely a good idea. The publication cited scenes from the trailer of “Requiem for a Dream.”

Bonnie is already on a hunting mode and she’s shown stabbing Caroline. Damon also gets the end of a metal spike pushed into his chest. Watch the trailer for “Vampire Diaries” Season 7 episode 21 “Requiem for a Dream.”