‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 7: Bonnie Damon to Hook Up, Like Elena?


The possibility of Bonnie-Damon or “Bamon” romance in “The Vampire Diaries” season 7 is not far-fetched.

In an interview with JustJaredJr, Ian Somerhalder, who plays Damon Salvatore, said although his character wants Elena back, Damon will do anything to keep Bonnie Bennett alive because he doesn’t want Elena to get disappointed in him if something bad happens to her friend.

“Every time he [Damon] looks at Bonnie, he only sees not Elena.  He does love her and it’s an unfortunate situation that they find themselves in because it’s that thing of every time he looks at her, ‘Oh, if I just push her off the side of this building, I’d get Elena back’…It’s this volley between ‘I love this woman as a friend, but if something happens to her, I get my girl back,” the actor explained.

Damon’s love, Elena, who was portrayed by Nina Dobrev, has been placed under a spell that will keep her in deep sleep and will only be resurrected when Bonnie died. Dobrev had earlier confirmed that she will not be coming back to TVD.

Somerhalder asked fans to embrace and support the changes in the seventh season of TVD.

The actor told TVLine, “This is Mystic Falls without Elena Gilbert. People want this Damon-Elena thing, but I say this is the evolution of a really cool show with some great characters. Let’s let them find their own journeys and mix together and let s–t get crazy again.”

Meanwhile, Kat Graham, who plays Bonnie, teased that TVD is getting back to its “sexy and surprising roots,” MTV News wrote.

“It’s an edgy, sexy season. And there’s a lot of stunts and action … I don’t remember us having this much action in the previous seasons. There’s sword fights and stuff being blown up and things catching on fire — it’s a lot.” Graham told MTV News.

 “The Vampire Diaries” premieres on Thursday, October 8 at 8PM on CW.

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