‘Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev Always Naked at Home? Wears ‘Nothing at All!’

Flickr/ Gage Skidmore

The former “Vampire Diaries” lead star Nina Dobrev admits she likes to walk naked at the comforts of her house.

Hollywood Life reports that Dobrev had a conversation with reporters at the Go90 Sneak Peek Social Entertainment Platform Event last September 24.

When asked about “her favorite at-home getup”, the actress admitted, “sweatpants, t-shirts or nothing at all!”

While fans may never see Dobrev in her birthday suit, it’s interesting to know she is very comfortable in her own skin.

Aside from her house routine, Dobrev was also asked about “her most terrible holiday story.”

The actress revealed, “One year I decided to ship all my gifts instead of bringing them all with me and they didn’t arrive ’til two weeks later so they got sent to everyone’s destination and everyone had a second Christmas!”

As for the TV shows she loves to watch, the former “Degrassi” star’s answer was very interesting — it was not “Vampire Diaries” but TNT’s “Public Moral.”

“I love it and I have friends on that show and Ed Burns is brilliant, and I love the show!” Dobrev confessed.

Meanwhile, fans of “Vampire Diaries” are definitely gonna miss Dobrev as her character, Elena Gilbert, will no longer be part of the show’s seventh season.

The show, which was also known for its epic love triangle, ended season 6 with Elena sleeping in a coffin.

Dobrev confirmed that her decision to leave the show was already final. Spoilers, however, revealed that the premiere episode will be a tribute to Elena. The season seven premiere will be on Thursday, October 8, at 8PM.

Fans of Dobrev don’t need to fret as the actress will likely be more active in films.

IB Times reports that the actress will be seen on a coming of age film entitled “Arrivals” which is set for filming in South Africa this Winter.

Actor Asa Butterfield and “Game of Thrones” star Maisie Williams are also reported to star in the film.

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