Let’s face it, Australia counts as one of the most exciting countries to be in. The topography with the interesting rock formations, the breathtaking lakes and beaches, the flora and fauna that can only be found in Australia, count for the never-ending possibilities for adventure that’s why people from all over the world want to take a trip to Australia at least once in their lifetime. This Valentine’s Day 2016, plan a trip with your significant other and explore the best things that Australia has to offer.

For the Beach Bums

Hamilton Island is the “capital” of the Whitsunday Islands which has its home in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef. This is the hub for touring the rest of the Whitsunday Islands. If you can’t do without your conveniences, you may want to stay in Hamilton Island then take advantage of available cruise packages for the rest of the Whitsundays.

Whitehaven Beach is accessible via Hamilton Island. The sand is practically unspoiled and a couple can enjoy any of several tour packages that may include touring the island by plane. If you want a private beach getaway in unspoiled environs, taking a trip to Whitehaven Beach is the best thing for you and your bae.

For the Adventure Seekers

Exploring Australia won’t be the same without the “odd” attractions. Take for example Tailem Bend’s pink lake. It’s located between Tailem Bend and Meningie, and the pink shade was created by the algae. It’s more for sightseeing and not swimming, however, so you may want to leave your swimming gear home.

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The Tourist’s Cliff Notes

There’s nothing wrong with seeing Australia from the eyes of a tourist. It helps you see Australia from a fresh perspective again. Maybe you forgot the wonder of the changing colors of the Uluru or you forgot the joy of looking at the Sydney Opera house. In any case, that should be one of the things you and your squeeze may want to do this Valentine’s: Tour Australia like tourists.

Here are some of the best guides to Australia’s most breathtaking places:

This Love Month, break away from the usual and take your honey to an interesting spot. Scrap the wine and roses dinner, pack your bags, and hie off to an adventure that will take your breath away. Hit #relationshipgoals and discover new facets of each other as you discover interesting spots around Australia.

In case you just want to stay in and enjoy a fuss-free retreat, there’s always LoveBirds.com.au.