Gone are the days when chocolates, romantic song collections in a CD, roses, and cards used to be the ideal Valentine’s Day gifts. With the advanced technology, and the availability of various gift items, Valentine’s Day is becoming more popular over the period of time even if your partner is on the other side of the globe.

Previously, celebrating Valentine’s Day for partners who are not together in one place was limited to phone calls only. But not anymore. Here are 8 dating tips for long distance couples to make Valentine’s Day more special.

1. Use social networks for communications and spend the entire day together digitally.

Luckily, this year’s Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday. For a change, be your partner’s alarm clock, wake her up. Talk to her, sing to her; it is a perfect way to wake up someone! Request her to put the phone on speaker while she gets ready for the day. Switch to Skype or Facetime and continue your conversation. If you haven’t changed your “relationship status” on Facebook, 14th February is the perfect way to do so. Lastly, see her face one more time, before bidding her good night.

2. Send them their favourite gift cards.

Sending gift cards to your beloved is another way of making him feel special. Gift cards can be from his favourite cafe, coffee shop, or even from his favourite shop. Starbucks has a card system, providing you with the opportunity to gift it to your special one on any special occasion. Also, The Body Shop has an e-gift card option. Your partner will surely love his Valentine’s gift cards!

3. Buy gift items from online stores.

As much as e-gift cards come to your help, mailing the gift items can be equally special. There are many online gift stores all across the globe.  Just select your gift, and pay it online. Your present will be delivered right to her door.  Gifts can vary from perfumes, to cakes, to clothes, and even food items.

4. ...Or simply mail the gift personally.

There are many people who don’t trust online shopping. What if the item is defective? What if it is not the right color, or size or … If you feel can’t just depend on them, simply buy the gifts and mail them personally. Keep tabs on the date so that your present arrives on the perfect date.

5. Hand written letters are extra special.

Have you ever thought about the previous generations writing letters to each other? This concept has faded away. With the fast Internet connections and different email addresses coming into light, people feel comfortable connecting with each other through emails. But on occasions like Valentine’s Day, why not cut the track and go the traditional way?

Write a long love letter, sprinkle some of your favourite perfume on the paper, and put some rose petals inside the folded papers. By the time your partner receive it, the petals will dry up, but the smell will still linger. One of the best Valentine’s Gifts!

6. Organise a spa session for your beloved.

Your partner will absolutely doted on this gift. You can always call the chosen spa retreat and check if they have any online payment option. If not, you can always book a date (the date doesn’t have to be on the 14th, it can be on any other day in February) .

7. Arrange a trip nearby.

If your better half lives somewhere 4 or 5 hours flight away from you, you can choose a destination that can be of equal distance from both of your places, and spend  a couple of days together. This way, you get to be with your partner on Valentine’s Day, as well as visit a foreign land together. It could be a romantic honeymoon together.

8. Book a flight and surprise her!

Lastly, if you don’t like any of the ideas above, and would prefer to be with her, then simply book a flight and surprise her at her doorstep. This is the best gift you can present to her on this special occasion. Both of you will cherish these memories for a long time.