Valentine’s Day is happening next week and we won’t blame you if, between work and life, you’d rather stay in, find a movie on Netflix and snuggle. So since it’s Valentine’s Season, bring on the romance movies and the rom-com’s.

For some couples who find the romantic genre too “icky,” we also threw in a couple of picks to hopefully suit your taste.

The Two-Part Sagas

Sex and the City was a sassy series, but the two movies were actually a sensible treatise on fidelity and resilience in marriage. It’s a refreshing, modern take on good, down-home values.



Who could forget Bridget Jones, her diary and her streams-of-consciousness running commentary on her life? This Valentine’s, relive the craziness and the romance.



The Artsy-Fartsy

Chocolat is a gorgeous artsy film that’s not just about “love.” It’s also about nonconformism and standing up for what you believe in, and yes, chocolate.


Amelie was the French film that captured hearts the world over. A wild goose chase punctuated with quirky imagery depicting Amelie’s thoughts, it’s a delightful feel-good film to snuggle up to.


Adam Sandler’s Rom-Coms

Huffington Post describes “Punch-Drunk Love” as “the only time Adam Sandler has not been totally annoying on film.”


While we couldn’t forget Adam Sandler’s devotion to Drew Barrymore in this film, unfortunately, Drew’s character needed reminders every single day.


Not Your Usual Romance Movies

A rather accurate picture of what it means to be mentally ill, Silver Linings Playbook is a story of understanding, acceptance, working towards a goal, wellness and yes, love.


Four love stories. A thread about 9/11. Emma Thompson, Keira Knightley, Alan Rickman, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson and Hugh Grant. Enough said.


Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway meet under odd circumstances revolving around Viagra, Prozac, and later, a story arc unfolds around Parkinson’s disease. Again, an excellent film about acceptance and understanding.


For Those Who Hate Romance and Rom-Com:

“Still alive, baby?” Who could forget the movie that gave birth to “Brangelina?” For couples who want a little action with their romance, this is the movie to watch.


If you’re really not in the mood to watch anything even remotely romantic, how about a Person of Interest marathon? While John Reese has his interests, the whole “Big Brother” concept will keep both of you munching on the popcorn.



The Ultimate in Romance Movies:

Throw caution to the wind and bring it on. Only “The Notebook” lays it on thick in terms of romance movies. Prepare to laugh, cry, laugh-cry and hug each other while watching this.


Enjoy your Valentine’s Netflix marathon, and don’t forget to order pizza and make several bowls of popcorn!