Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and the hopeless romantics must be clamouring for a great playlist to compile to celebrate love so we’ve compiled some of the most feel-good love songs through the decades. Hope you like our picks!

1. “People fall in love in mysterious ways,” Ed Sheeran sings. What is “love,” anyway? Most people can’t explain it, they just feel it. This song invites listeners to just FEEL love. Check out this beautiful cover on Soundcloud, as well.


2. Taylor Swift knows how to write breakup songs, yes, but with “Style,” she immortalised love in a wistful ballad that may “never go out of style.”


3. Pussycat Dolls’ “Stickwitu” may be a 2005 hit, but it’s one of the songs that can capture the ideals of romantic love perfectly: The desire to “stick with” a loved one “forever,” and how “nobody ever made [someone] feel this way,” is just the perfect way to celebrate love.


4. Matchbox 20’s Rob Thomas just dropped a new single, and it’s a feel-good ditty about love.


5. If you want to listen to an intense track on love, “Don’t Let Go” by En Vogue is the perfect track to hear. It even made Billboard’s “Top 50 Love Songs of All Time.”


6. Shelea may be one of the more underrated R&B singers around, but this track is simply beautiful: It’s one of those songs that communicates what’s so good about love, especially when one “finally gets it right.”


7 + 8. Wellington, New Zealand native Brooke Fraser’s “What To Do With Daylight” is possibly one of her best albums. It’s full of relaxing ballads that make a music fan’s heart swell up. Because that album is simply so excellent, we highly recommend “Arithmetic” for the melody and the lines, “You’ll still be the one I want,” as well as “Waste Another Day” for “’Til the suns and planets disappear / I could stay in your arms all year / Even if that means infinity through / If being productive is being with you / Then baby I don’t want to waste another day.”


Live Version Of “Waste Another Day”:


9 + 10. A Valentine’s love song list won’t be complete without a Beyoncé track. So because the Queen Bey just churns out the awesome tracks by the dozen, we had to choose just two for this list, and that’s “Halo” and “XO.” “Halo” because of the raw but ethereal take to love and “XO” for the feel-good, YOLO take at love. Yes, Queen Bey, we love you like XO.


11. The 1998 hit “Grow Old With You” is probably the “aww”-inducing song of the century. Who doesn’t want to “grow old with” that special someone?


12. If there’s a song that would set very realistic expectations for a relationship, it’s definitely Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph.” Indeed, “Loving can hurt.” But as he points out, “Loving can heal,” as well.


So are you in lala-love yet? Or maybe you prefer alternative music or fresher tracks? In any case look for these songs on Spotify or your music streaming service of choice, plug in, and enjoy!