Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. If you don’t have time to shop or you simply can’t decide what to get, why not make your own gift?

A DIY Valentine’s Day gift is certainly a unique and personal way to express your love for your special someone.

Here are some DIY last-minute gift ideas that won’t embarrass you.

Idea 1: Create personalise love coupons
Valentine's Day 2016 DIY Last-minute gift idea
The promise of cashing in on future dates will surely be a hit with your special someone. Create a book of love coupons that offer movie nights, candlelight dinners or a simple back rub. She Knows

Idea 2: Write a song
Create a love song for your loved one. Take inspiration from some of today’s special love songs.

Idea 3: Cook a sweet treat
A yummy and romantic dessert is a great way to celebrate V-day.

Idea 4: Be creative
Unleash your creativity. If you can sew, A Beautiful Mess recommends creating his and hers matching pillows.

Idea 5: Papercraft card
Personalise your Valentine’s Day greeting card. You can even add your own private message. Real Simple offers some suggestions.
Valentine's Day 2016 DIY Last-minute gift idea

Idea 6: Fill a jar with reasons
DIY Enthusiasts suggests filling a jar with notes that tell the reasons you fell in love with your special someone.

Idea 7: Frame it
Use a simple frame to write love notes to your special someone daily. Place an “I Love You Because” background into the frame. Use a dry erase marker to scribble notes on it year round. The simple gesture is sure to get appreciation. Life Sweet Life

Idea 8: Create a gift basket
If you can’t choose what to give, then put together a gift basket for your special someone. Add in the little things that make him or her happy. Thirty Handmade Days

Idea 9: Personalise it
Create a DIY love mug with an inexpensive cup and paint pens.
Valentine's Day 2016 DIY Last-minute gift idea

Idea 10: Create a memory jar
Fill a jar with little notes that document your relationship to date. If you’re a new couple, fill it up with your relationship blossoms.
Valentine's Day 2016 DIY Last-minute gift idea