V8 Supercars: Mark Winterbottom Confident of Winning Title

Mark Winterbottom

Mark Winterbottom has hit the sweet spot of winning that made him confident enough again to believe he can bring home another V8 Supercars title. After 20 winless streaks, he finally ended with a successful lap.

After his Race 9 win, he has now inched his way up to the fourth spot from the sixth. It surely was a sweet success after a rather disappointing and frustrating Saturday drive.

Suffering from the wet racetrack, slick then damaged tyres and brake lockups during the Race 8 of the Perth SuperSprint, it’s no wonder Frosty was celebratory after an unexpected finish.

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“We weren’t great in the wet; the tyre pressures were a bit low. Lowndes hitting my tyre delayed me in pit lane and that put me back down the field, I was getting hit by cars on hotter tyres and then I hit the wet patch at Turn 7 so it escalated from there,” reviewing his Race 8 with Fox Sports.

Damaging a set of tyres, he had to drive into Race 9 with one less spare while simply hoping it’ll turn out better than Saturday. Race 8 saw the Supercars’  title holder scrambling to a measly 22nd position.

However, Race 9 turned out for the best for Winterbottom. Getting the most out of his tyre life, he was able to spin himself into a much-needed win that broke his 7-month winless record.

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Speaking about the tyres, Winterbottom told SpeedCafe that “this year our qualifying speed has been good and our tyre life has been the issue. That’s the thing I’m most excited about, to go 30 laps and the tyres stay on the car and not burn up.”

With a Barbagallo win, Mark is more confident now that he can drive a 2nd V8 Supercars title home. Though starting in a rough spot and facing a string of defeats, this Race 9 win has done wonders for the Bottle-O-Ford racer’s spirits.

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