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US Presidential Election 2016: Hillary Clinton to Reduce Gun Violence with New Law

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After ten people were killed in the Oregon Shooting last week, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton proposes a plan that would reduce gun violence.

The Guardian reports that Clinton plans on “closing the loopholes in background checks for people who want to buy guns.”

In the current law, anyone buying at gun shows or online websites can purchase a gun without undergoing any background check. If a gun dealer takes more than 72 hours to finish the background check, he will still be allowed to sell guns.

The site mentioned that in 2013, President Obama had a similar plan to “expand background checks.” However, the Senate has rejected as the Republicans “staunchly opposed” any gun legislation.

But if Clinton is to be stopped by Congress, The Guardian notes that Clinton would instead use “executive action to reclassify any person attempting to sell a significant number of guns.”

Clinton also proposes that Congress should repeal a law signed by former President Bush in 2005. The legal shield protects gun companies from being responsible “for the harm caused by those who criminally or unlawfully misuse firearm products.”

Moreover, Clinton also wants to go after illegal gun sales. Her campaign would also keep people who have mental illnesses, domestic abusers, and dealers who deliver guns to a third party from using any guns.

CNN reports that as Clinton delivered her campaign in New Hampshire, the former Secretary of State “grew emotional.”

Her voice broke as she called on to stage a mother named Nicole Hockey, whose child was killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting in 2012.

Hockey told what happened to her son in the incident and “her efforts to push gun control legislation,” the site notes.

It is to be recalled that  in his televised statement last week, President Obama called on voters to prioritize gun safety and that their elected officials should also do so.

The Guardian reported that the President of the the pro-gun control group, Brady Campaign, Dan Gross praised Clinton’s plans.

In his statement, Gross said, “This is exactly the type of leadership that has been sorely missing in Washington.”

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