A US judge has resigned after allegations of asking male defendants for sexual favours. He allegedly used his authority for the last 30 years to sexually prey on young convicts, a state commission accused.

Judge Joseph Boeckmann Jr. has resigned after a state judicial commission accused him of sexually preying on young male convicts. The allegations against him include a case where a man stated that he was taken to a courtroom, ordered to strip naked and then photographed with handcuffs. Boeckmann had also asked another man to pose like Michelangelo’s statue of David and offered him $406 (US$300) for that, reported Washington Post.

The US judge allegedly sentenced many young and poor men to illegitimate “community service” which led them to his office or home. He then asked these men to pose for suggestive photographs as “proof” of completion of their work.

“He’s a criminal predator who used his judicial power to feed his corrupt desires. Every minute he served as a judge was an insult to the Arkansas Judiciary,” stated David Sachar, executive director of the Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission.

The State Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission started an inquiry into Judge Joseph Boeckmann Jr. in 2014 over a conflict of interest regarding a case on elder care, confirmed David Sachar. However, the case took a totally different turn when court employees started asking whether the investigators knew about the young convicts.

Until Tuesday, there were no criminal cases filed against the judge, reported The New York Times. The commission, during its investigation, found that young male defendants were asked to go to the judge’s house or to some other location with bags of canned goods, apparently for charity. Subsequently, according to some of the victims, the judge would instruct them to bend over and pick up the cans while he photographed them from behind. Boeckmann used to tell them that the photographs were the evidence of community service.

“He does not want to get into a big fight about the veracity or inaccuracy of the allegations over an office that he was going to vacate anyway, and that is why he decided to resign,” Boeckmann’s lawyer, Jeff Rosenzweig said. “He did not admit any wrongdoing, and he is not going to admit any wrongdoing,” he added.

Meanwhile, Sachar informed that the commission was assisting prosecutors on possible criminal charges. Sachar also added that he had handed over some information to the Arkansas State police.

Although the US judge previously denied the allegations on Monday in his resignation letter, he agreed that he would never work in public service, as stated by news.com.au.