Italy has allowed US armed drones to take off from its land to carry out drone attacks against the Islamic State in Libya and other North African countries.

The plan has been in discussion since last year. The decision came after rising concern of ISIS in Africa.  The drones will take off from an American base in Sicily.

However, the US drones have not been armed yet. It will have to take legal permission on every drone it plan to launch. The drone-operation will defend the forces fighting against the militant group.  It will be only operated for “defensive strikes”.

Italy is yet to decide whether to authorise the anti-ISIS operation from Sigonella air base in Sicily. The official request has not been made. It will depend only if drones are to protect personnel on the ground, according to a report by Reuters.

Last week, US warplanes conducted an air-strike operation against ISIS in western Libya. It was to target a perpetrator, responsible for last year’s Sousse beach massacre in Tunisia.

Peter Cook, the Pentagon spokesman said: “This strike demonstrates we will go after Isil [Isis] whenever it is necessary, using the full range of tools at our disposal.”

“There are other training camps in Libya like this … when we see the opportunity or need to take this kind of action, we will do so,” Cook added.

The British Defense Secretary, Michael Fallon confirmed that the operation was carried out from British bases, The Guardian reported.

On this, Italian government cleared that it does not want any “offensive operation” which could ignite domestic opposition.

The presence of ISIS has increased the threat of violence. While surveillance programs have also been carried out by US, British and French warplanes.

In just one year, the ISIS fighters have increased up to 5000; some are believed to be sheltered in the central coastal region of Sirte. The worries are growing as the militant group could establish a huge caliphate across Africa.