Traveling to Cuba from America is expensive. It can cost up to $850 especially if the traveller hails from New York. Americans still fly to Cuba despite the price although it is technically illegal  to go there before the civil aviation agreement is signed today, Feb. 17.

The civil aviation agreement is set to make the cost of traveling to Cuba from America cheaper. According to a report from Miami Herald, regular and scheduled flights will be available in the country. This is history, marking a major change since the revolution in 1959.

Although there are a huge number of airlines applying for a slot in the airports in Cuba, only a handful will be selected. Only 20 flights will be allowed to register with the Havana airport and the other airports in the island, The Guardian reported.

Among the known airlines that are planning to apply for a slot in the Cuban airports are the American Airlines. Delta Air, Southwest, United Airlines and Jetblue Airlines.  These companies will be sending their application to the Transportation Department of the country during the window period of 15 days after the agreement has been signed.

The new commercial flights will be scheduled daily. This major step in opening commercial flights is seen as a great way to the US and Cuba to construct better relationships with each other.

Opening the commercial flights will help decrease the prevailing prices of the flight going to Cuba. Experts have predicted that it will decrease significantly after the agreement is signed. Future travellers can expect to access a 24-hour customer helpline plus an online ticket platform.

These airlines are required by the government of Cuba  to cooperate with their aviation officials before starting the official commercial flights. Tickets, on the other hand, are scheduled to be on sale in October.  

Americans, however, will need to secure a Cuban Visa before they can travel to the Caribbean Island.