A US Cargo plane was impounded in an airport in Zimbabwe when authorities found blood dripping from the jet. They discovered millions of rand and a dead man on board.

The jet was manned by six men consisting of a pair of Americans, Pakistani and South Americans. The jet contained consignment for the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) from Munich, Germany. The police continue to questions all of these six crews.

According to the statements made by the crew, the captain of the plane requested for a technical landing to refuel at the Harare International Airport. Herald reported that the airport staff noticed the blood dripping from the jet. They first thought that it was a dead bird, but were surprised when an adult male body fell out.

The identity and the nationality of the corpse have not been identified since the police investigation process started. According to the spokesman for the SARB, they believe that the dead man was a stowaway. The theory is that when he tried to get in the plane through the landing gear, his arm was severed which splattered onto the fuselage.

The money discovered on board is guarded by two SARB couriers amounting to one million rands ($63,615).

Reportedly, the plane is still impounded at the Zimbabwe airport. SARB said that they are continuously communicating with the authority to be able to make ensure that the consignment will be transported to South Africa as soon as things are settled.

In response to the issue, The Foreign Affairs Minister of Zimbabwe Simbarashe Mumbengegwi has called a meeting with the ambassadors of the four countries involved namely Germany, Pakistan, South Africa, and the United States of America, the Voice of America Zimbabwe reported.

The first time the Zimbabwe aviation authorities has to seize a plane was back in 2004.