Is Robin Hood about to die in an upcoming “Once Upon a Time” episode? Rumours of his “grim fate” have been swirling around the Internet lately. Actor Sean Maguire, who plays the iconic character, is also rumoured to be leaving the hit show. Could these speculations be true?

According to Entertainment Weekly, the show’s producers neither confirmed nor denied the rumours. However, they reportedly do “want fans to, well, keep hope alive.”

“I would say that we were just picked up for another year. So the story continues,” the show’s executive producer Edward Kitsis told EW. Kitsis had advice for fans who are already “losing hope” when it comes to Robin getting a happy ending with his love interest Regina“That’s like being mad in the middle of ‘Hunger Games’ because she didn’t win. You’ve got to wait until the end of the book.” 

Another of the show’s executive producers, Adam Horowitz, agreed with Kitsis. “Regina’s on a journey that’s going to have ups and downs along the way. We’re in the middle of the story,” Horowitz said.

“This is a show about hope, and I think it’s a show that shows you that happy endings have to be earned, they’re not easy and neither is hope,” Kitsis added. “It’s the day to day struggles of how we achieve that.”

Maguire previously hinted at his fate in an interview with TV Line. “We’re going to the Underworld, so I don’t expect much good stuff is going to happen…There are obstacles everywhere…It’s going to get dark, it’s going to be scary, and there will be surprises,” the actor said. Could one surprise include his death?

What really happens to Robin Hood? You can find out for yourself in the next few episodes. You can catch “Once Upon a Time” every Sunday on ABC.