A mother of six had been stabbed by her partner on Monday morning at Rosewood Queensland. Ipswich Magistrates Court has charged the man for the murder.

Fourty-six-year-old Michelle Reynolds was found dead in her house at Rosewood. Her partner, 47-year-old Wayne Ashley O’Sullivan, has been charged with the murder.

Ipswich Councillor David Pahlke said that the small Rosewood community was shocked to learn about the murder. Michelle Reynolds was relatively new to town reported Sky News.

David said, “It’s a typical country town so when something like this happens it blows everyone away. Even my son who works at IGA, he served her. She was a nice lady.”

He added, “She made a very good impression on the town.”

Lew Strohfeldt, detective inspector informed that police attended the house after paramedics were called. They found her in a bedroom with multiple stab wounds. Strohfeldt confirmed none of her six children were at home when the incident took place.

Strohfeldt said, “Upon arrival at the house we located a deceased female, who appears to have suffered a number of stab wounds.”

The inspector urged people in the community to contact police if they had any information regarding the case, reported brisbanetimes.com.au .

He said, “It is a small community and a tight-knit community. If anyone in the Rosewood area has heard any disturbance in the early hours of this morning in the vicinity of John Street, contact Crime Stoppers.”

A resident and friend of Reynolds told The Courier-Mail, “She helps other people who are in need. She was helping another woman in the community who was having some trouble. She was a really good mum. She just really loved her kids so much. It’s hard to believe this has happened.”

The couple never had a history of domestic violence. They were not indulging in drugs or alcohol. The couple appeared happy to most of the residents and there was no sign of any tension between them.

Police said that they believed that they have got hold of the potential weapon and it was sent away for the tests.

The case against Ashley O’Sullivan was briefly mentioned in the court and it was adjourned until May 4.

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