‘Uncharted 4’ PS4 Release Date & Trailer: Watch 30fps Gameplay Preview Here

Naughty Dog has confirmed that “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” will only run at 30 frames-per-second. But will this affect the overall graphics and gameplay of franchise’s last chapter?

During a recent Q&A session and game demo with developers, the game designers have confirmed that they are forgoing a possible 60fps gameplay for the lesser 30fps. However, they were quick to ensure that this decision will help make “the best game possible.”

“We had a really long, involved conversation about it with all the leads and directors,” Anthony Newman, the game’s co-lead designer explained, quotes Gamespot.

“We just realized that, for the game we wanted to make, to make the best game possible, [30fps] was just something that we had to do.”

Newman added, “To me, a locked 30fps is way better than a variable 60fps.”

Kurt Margenau, co-lead designer, also noted that for the game to have consistent graphics and gameplay experience, locked 30fps is the better option.

The amount of time it will take to develop a 60fps game is also one point of consideration for the devlopers. According to Newman, time constraints will affect the overall “Uncharted 4” plot and gameplay.

“This would make each level take longer to make…that could end up having story repercussions. ‘We want to have this scene, but we don’t have the time to make the environment,’” he noted.

While this news crushed hopes of “better” graphics for the “Uncharted 4”, take note that 30fps may only be for the single player mode of the game.

According to the Irish Examiner, Naughty Dog is aiming for a multiplayer mode that will run at 60fps.

Gamespot also noted that a Beta version of “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” multiplayer mode will be released before the full game’s release date. Gamers can get their hands on the beta mode when released by purchasing the “Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection” when it releases on October.

“Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End”, the final chapter of Nathan Drake and his adventures, is scheduled for a 2016 release date.

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