The “Uncharted 4” first multiplayer DLC is finally here and gamers are certainly excited. In line with this, we rounded up what we can on the upcoming updates.

In the official announcement by Naughty Dog, tomorrow’s release of the multiplayer DLC marks the first outing since the company revealed the Multiplayer Roadmap in the “Uncharted 4” launch. The company further highlights that the release of the update includes “a lot of great content”, some of which we list below.

1. First free map

2. New everything
According to the company’s announcement, new skins, taunts, guns and boosters make it to the update release. It is safe to say that this list promises a more optimized gaming experience for followers of “Uncharted 4”.

3. Custom capabilities and improvements
Naughty Dog also mentions that custom loadout names and matches will be rolled out. These things could offer more control for the way players plot out their games.

Mystery “Uncharted 4” addition

While the initial list are already loaded with exciting stuff, Games Radar notes of Naughty Dog’s mysterious secret. The site relays the following quote from the company.

“We’re all excited about this release because… it includes updates to multiplayer that many of you have been asking for. There’s one in particular we won’t reveal here, but you can probably guess what it is if you’ve been tracking what is likely the most requested new feature by our community.”

The ‘Uncharted’ movie may have already found its Sully

As to what the secret may be, Games Radar projects that it has something to do with “getting mechs to pilot” and some giant robots.

Whatever it is, gaming fans do not have to wait long as the “Uncharted 4” multiplayer DLC and patch update releases on June 29.

Get a glimpse

Meanwhile, before the updates even drop, Naughty Dog offers a preview of the “Uncharted 4” multiplayer DLC and patch update launch.

According to VG247, the event will be livestreamed on Twitch at June 28, 11:30 a.m. PT and 2:30 p.m. ET. UK residents can access the livestream at 7:30 p.m. UK time.


Do you agree with Games Radar’s prediction of the “Uncharted 4” update’s mystery addition? If you have another idea on what the surprise could be, tell us in the comments below!