Another UFO has been purportedly spotted hovering over Devon. Area residents 43-year old Tanya Davis and her 15-year old daughter Charlee captured the mysterious object on video.

The mother and daughter saw a white light flying over the area. According to Tanya and Charlee, the UFO kept hovering in the area for around two to three minutes. The object subsequently disappeared.

Some of their friends dismissed that the UFO they saw were simply lights that could have come from a drone. However, the mother and daughter argue that the object was too big and too quiet for it to be a drone.

Tanya and Charlee contacted the nearby Exeter Airport and attempted to find out what the strange object was. Unfortunately, officials were not able to help them.

Earlier this month, UFO hunters claim they spotted an object they believe was of alien origin. Apparently, they saw an alien base on one of the moon’s most prominent crater named Tycho.

The alien base can be seen in the images taken by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). UFO hunter Mark Sawalha says that the photos show an antenna located on the roof of the supposed alien base.

Alien enthusiasts speculate that the alien base could be located underground. They also believe that it uses minerals from the moon.

Some claim that the base is now abandoned but was previously used to accommodate docking of the aliens’ massive spaceships. Other people say that the abandoned alien base could be used by NASA for their research on space.

Meanwhile, Sawalha insists that NASA actually knows of the alien base on the moon but the agency refuses to report it to the public. This could also explain why the space agency has not sent any manned mission to the moon in years.