Tuesday, September 27, 2016

UFO Sightings: Sky Sucks in Foreign Object? [Watch]

UFO Sightings: Sky Sucks in Foreign Object? [Watch]

misterio canal/Youtube


This UFO sighting is not like others you have earlier seen on the internet as it shows an unidentified white object getting sucked into the sky.

The fascinating footage will freeze you for a moment which shows a whirling vortex forming in the clouds followed by an unidentified white object getting sucked into the pattern.

What happens next? The vortex along with the object vanishes into an unknown, leaving the natural blue sky in the background. Initially, the clouds start to muster at a point and then gradually gets closer and forms a vortex.

A video, 45 seconds long, was posted by Misterio Canal (Mystery Channel) on Youtube this week. A man in the video is heard saying: “Oh yeah. That’s just insane.” Indeed!

According to The Sun, the location at which the video was shot is not confirmed. But the strange sighting is simply taking the internet by storm. It has garnered more than 91,000 views.

For alien geeks, the footage questions the existence of any other extraterrestrial bodies, which could not be aliens or may be something that none has ever known before. That is no doubt interesting!

Well, if it is about UFO, criticism never leaves a chance to chase it.

“How you have nearly 60.000 subscribers. now that. is a true mystery . littering the community with crap like this” said one user on the video.

One called the object a “white weather balloon”.“Well, the little white dot going through the swirls was most likely a weather balloon.”


Some smelled it fake. “That’s so fake, any idiot can tell this is not even close to real, even the camera shake is fake,” says Soupbones.

Now check this one. “Looks like the repercussions of activating the large hadron collider are starting”, said a user. Oh Really!

Well, it is unclear whether the video is real. What do you think about it ? Comment down below.


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