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UFO Sightings in Houston: Watch White Light Hover Over State

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Earlier this week, out-of-this-world theories circulated on the web because of an alleged UFO sighting and a baby alien found in California. Now, there has been claims that another UFO was spotted in Houston, Texas. It was even caught on video.

According to Chron, Twitter user @Im_Radd posted a six-second video clip which showed “unexplained white lights.” The video was taken while he was on the Southbound Interstate 45, approaching downtown Houston. The Twitter user’s real name is Devin Conrad.

Conrad was with his pal Ronald Charles when the incident happened, Patch wrote. Conrad said that he was playing with Charles’ phone while Charles was driving on the road. After two hours, he saw something unusual in one of his videos.

He immediately posted it on Twitter with a caption warning Houston residents. The video posted has been retweeted almost 4,000 times.

Watch the video here:

The short video clip immediately caught the attention of Twitter users worldwide. Upon seeing the video, a lot of social media users believed that what Conrad saw was either a UFO or an alien warning.


According to Conrad and Charles, they did not make any assumptions about the mysterious white light in the video. It was the public who gave their alien-related theories.

Conrad talked to Patch over the phone on Thursday. He said, “We don’t know for sure. We were just like, ‘What was that in the sky?’ And we posted it to see what people think. Everybody started going crazy like, ‘Yep, it’s a UFO.'”

Meanwhile, Charles admitted that the video was picked up by a lot of people. He mentioned that he saw the video posted in other Facebook accounts. One post included a caption, “There’s a UFO spotted over downtown Houston.”

In the incident where a UFO was spotted in California, the Navy explained that it was a missile activity. For this occurrence, there was no further explanation for what Conrad and Charles saw.

But according to Chron, some believed that the white light was the reflection of the car’s speedometer.

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