UFO Sightings in California: Baby Alien Found [Photos] Wander

Despite confirmation from the Navy that the UFO Sightings in California was a hoax, a woman was reported to have found a baby alien in her backyard. She took a photo of the creature and posted it online which trended on the Internet.

According to The Daily Star, the photo first appeared on the website, Reddit. It had a caption which read: “Friend found this outside her house. Wtf indeed…”

A woman named Gianna Peponis posted on her Facebook account the photo with the caption, “I wasn’t gonna post this but I can’t stop trying to figure out wtf this thing is. I heard something scream at like 11.30 last night and went on my side yard and found this thing. It was dead when I found it.”

Here’s the photo:


The site mentioned that the mysterious creature was found in San Jose, California where the alleged UFO was seen last weekend.

Earlier this week, the Navy confirmed that the bright streaks of light seen across California last weekend was not a UFO-related occurrence. They had a missile test off coast and the bright light came from the unarmed missile. Despite their confirmation, the photos of the so-called baby alien spiked up out-of-the-world theories and speculations.

Twitter users posted their thoughts upon seeing the photo and claimed that it was indeed a baby alien.

However, some believed that the mysterious creature was linked to a bad omen.

Reddit user LollyMac saw the photo. The user commented, “I don’t know what the f*** that is. If your friend is brave enough to remove it from their property, remind them to salt the ground afterwards. Nothing good can ever happen there now.”

Meanwhile, The Daily Star mentioned that another user claimed that the photo showed a miscarried deer fetus which was eaten by predators.

User Piesseji wrote: “Miscarried deer half-eaten by racoons etc.”

What do you think of the photo? Do you believe it’s a baby alien from outer space?

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