The latest UFO sightings in 2016 captured the attention of airport grounds workers who took a video of the whole spectacle up in the night sky.

It was a typical night of work at the Miami airport runway. However, events soon took an interesting turn as blue smoke filled the night sky. It followed the trail of a bright yet unexplained flying object. Hence, it was a spectacle worthy of being captured on video. Onlookers even teased that the UFO would hit the tip of the plane.

Footage from the airport follows other UFO sightings in 2016. NASA recently went out of its way to explain a UFO caught on live camera feed from the International Space Station (ISS). The agency made certain to dispel rumors about its involvement when the live feed stopped.

As expected, netizens offered their own explanations on the footage and the mysterious blue smoke. Naturally, talk of an alien invasion from space came up. Others opted for a more scientific explanation. According to them, it was a comet or meteor burning up as it entered the atmosphere.

However, while many would likely want to romanticize most UFO sightings in 2016, the National Weather Service in Miami debunked this early on. As it turns out, the video is nearly a year old, according to Aol. YouTube user Modesto Figueroa uploaded the video dated September 2, 2015. Apparently, the puzzling blue smoke that lit up the Miami night sky came about after the Atlas V rocket took off from Cape Canaveral. NSW Miami tweeted about the incident.

“If you saw the strange light/cloud in the sky this morning, it was the Atlas 5 rocket launch from Cape Canaveral, not a meteor,” the agency wrote. This particular sighting might have turned out to be false. However, UFO hunters are certain of alien existence. Check out another UFO sightings this July 2016 that involve NASA’s Juno spacecraft.